What are Engagement Architects

At Beacon, we're all Engagement Architects---people with significant industry experience
engaging the 3 primary healthcare customers---consumers, providers, and payers.

And because we also engage with one another, we're able to provide a more efficient
interation of thinking right from the start. One that looks at all the stakeholders,
regardless of what you hire us for.

Our Engagement Architects assemble to create, Dialogues by Design, a review of the category
in which your brand lives and the issues it faces when tareting each audience. This can be
done with you in a daylong workshop or on our own. Afterwards, all findings are vetted via
market research. This assessment enables us to ensure that the messages delivvered to any
one specific target aren't conflict with the needs and desires of the others.

Meet som Engagement Architechs and how they can help you

You get websites that inspire consumers to click.

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Here are some of the clients with whom we are currently engaged


Want to re-engage your career?

Tired of working for a big, political network? Or just tired of what you're doing and where you're doing it? Re-engage your career at Beacon!

You'll be working with and learning from some of the industry's best. Here,
are what som of our employees have to say about working at Beacon.

  • Account Management

    At Beacon, I get to work closely with Agency Management and learn from them. I'd never have that opportunity at this stage in my career at another agency

    ---Julia Kust, Account Supervisor

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We're a very engaging group. Let me topline a few points that distinguishes Beacon
from other healthcare advertising agencies.

Call or email me and I'll tell you more about our agency and
the Engagement Architects who can help grow your brand.

Larry Lannino